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Running Recap: Week 7 & 8

What have I been doing? Running. Have I been writing about it? Nope. But, that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Promise. I have crossed over to the 20+ miles a week range. It feels like more because the Mississippi Delta is hot. And humid. And pretty miserable. Daily I second guess myself, was this really a smart plan? Training for a marathon in the heat of a Mississippi summer? Nope, probably not. But, I am committed so here we go.

Week 7

5/4-6.5, 5/5-5, 5/6-Rest, 5/7-7, 5/8-Rest, 5/9-5, 5/10-4

Total: 27.5

Week 8

I had a bit of a set back a few aches and pains which caused me to cut back a bit this week. And the rain, oh the rain.

5/11-3.35, 5/12-4, 5/13-Rest, 5/14-10, 5/15-4, 5/16-Rest, 5/17-Rest

Total: 21.35


It’s all about those 7s

7 miles before 7 (almost) on the 7th. Happy 7th day of May!

I got new running shoes what a game changer. Whoa! My #1 running tip…get a good pair of shoes and track your miles in them. I’m a firm believer in the 300 miles rule. If your shoes have gone 300 miles they deserve to be retired. Your feet, shins, joints, knees will thank you. Don’t want to wait for shoes? Order from Zappos. I ordered my new Brooks Tuesday afternoon and they were at my door within 24 hours. Now that is service, sheesh! Supporting local stores is super awesome too if you can. #shoplocal All this great advice before 8 AM-who am I?

Happy Thursday!


Running Recap: Week 5 & 6


Eccck. How did I get so behind? Probably because I was out and about, eating crawfish, taking in amazing bluegrass music festivals, and eating some killer peanut butter pie. But, don’t you worry I am still running, as fast as my little legs will carry me, because it is real now. I got in, I paid my money. I am running the Chicago Marathon in 6 months. It sounds far away some days and other days it sounds like tomorrow.

P.S. Complete sidenote– Aren’t my puppies the cutest most intense dogs ever? That one floppy ear gets me every time. Every. Time.


Week 5

4/20-4, 4/21-3.35, 4/22-6, 4/23-Rest, 4/24-6, 4/25-3+Yoga, 4/26-Rest

Total 22.35 miles

Week 6

4/27-8, 4/28-2, 4/29-4, 4/30-6, 5/1-Rest, 5/2-Rest, 5/3-4

Total 24 miles


Running Recap: Week 3

Another week donzo. Check and check. Super proud that I was able to maintain my schedule even on while on vacation. Get it girl, get it. Big goal this upcoming week is to increase my mileage, and break the 20 mile barrier. Happy running, happy friends.

Monday- 3, Tuesday-3.35, Wednesday-6, Thursday-rest, Friday-3.35 and 1.5 hrs. Yoga, Saturday-rest, Sunday- 3.35
TOTAL-19.5 miles


Running with…er…horses?


I promise I don’t plan on writing about running everyday, because let me tell you it does not always make me happy. But, today was an interesting run. Usually during the week I run in my neighborhood. I live slightly out in the county, on a lake that opens to the Mississippi River. On one side of the road the landscape is filled with houses. Almost all the houses are on stilts, and we often have to worry about flooding during the spring. On the other side of the road you will see woods or open fields. Towards the end of my running route there is field filled with, yep, you guessed it, horses. I love running by them, such beautiful creatures. One day, a few months ago, they ran alone side my running buddy and me. It was breath taking. But, we were divided by the pasture fence. Thankfully.

Today, they were free. Yep. Just hanging out on the road. No biggie. We slowed our run to a walk and passed through them no trouble. They just watched us as we moved by them. [Side note: It reminded me of this print my parents have in their house (see above). Although there was no snow today- it felt like 100 degrees. I have always loved a Bev Doolitte.] A 1/2 mile later we reached the end of the road and turned around to head back toward the horses. This time, one started chasing us! I have had dogs chase me, but never a horse! We quickly veered off the road onto a drive way and ran on private driveways until we could come back to the road 1/4 of a mile down from the horses. You know you live in the county when a horse chases you. That is my story, and I am sticking to it.

Any interesting animals chase you recently?


Running Recap: Week 2


Another week of marathon training under the big belt. I completed an 8 miler this week and whoa. I have not done that in a while. I was left slightly exhausted. The next two weeks are going to be a little bit tricky because I will be at the beach. Well, the beach part won’t be hard, but the no running buddies will be. Because for some reason if I don’t have someone running with me I can.not.find.motivation. Alright, time to hop on the bike! #takethatmotivation

Week 2: Monday 3/30- 3 miles; Tuesday 3/31- 3.35 miles; Wednesday 4/1-3.35 miles; Thursday 4/2- REST; Friday 4/3- 8 miles; Saturday 4/4- 1.5 hour yoga (yum, I will talk more about my new found love for yoga later this week); Sunday 4/5- 3 miles

TOTAL: 20.7 miles and some mad stretching aka yoga!