Music festivals are my jam



Teehee, get it, my jam. Too much? Nah. One of my favorite ways to spend a spring weekend is sitting in the sun listening to amazing music with my fella. Welcome to last weekend. We ventured to Meridian, MS. Super cute downtown by the way. The Farmers Market, and the PIE! Oh MY! If you ever find yourself in Meridian have some brunch on the balcony at Weidmann’s Restaurant and save room for the pie. Oh, the pie. We then skipped across the street (not literally, it was more of a slow walk) to a super cute beer garden that had an amazing beer selection (I am currently crushing on the Traveler Grapefruit Ale, it tastes like summer) and then we found ourselves on the front lawn of city hall taking in some amazing tunes by super talented musicians at the Jimmie Rodgers Music Festival. Weekend well spent! Best act? Steep Canyon Rangers by far! That fiddle player…wow. Also, this past week they announced the Mighty Mississippi Music Festival lineup—Old Crow Medicine SHOW! What?! I can hardly contain my excitement. Happy times, happy times ahead.


Running Recap: Week 5 & 6


Eccck. How did I get so behind? Probably because I was out and about, eating crawfish, taking in amazing bluegrass music festivals, and eating some killer peanut butter pie. But, don’t you worry I am still running, as fast as my little legs will carry me, because it is real now. I got in, I paid my money. I am running the Chicago Marathon in 6 months. It sounds far away some days and other days it sounds like tomorrow.

P.S. Complete sidenote– Aren’t my puppies the cutest most intense dogs ever? That one floppy ear gets me every time. Every. Time.


Week 5

4/20-4, 4/21-3.35, 4/22-6, 4/23-Rest, 4/24-6, 4/25-3+Yoga, 4/26-Rest

Total 22.35 miles

Week 6

4/27-8, 4/28-2, 4/29-4, 4/30-6, 5/1-Rest, 5/2-Rest, 5/3-4

Total 24 miles

Queendom, TV

Life Unexpected

As we know, or at least you are starting to realize, I am constantly obsessed with random stuff. Currently, I am obsessed with “Life Unexpected.” Actually, it has to come to an end because I just finished the last episode and omg. What a drama! Not only are the main characters familiar faces from my high school WB dayz (yes, I just spelled dayz with a z), um Dawson’s Creek and Roswell anyone? But, the love triangles, the lies, the high school drama. Fantastic! Looking for a series to keep you busy for the next few days? I highly recommend “Life Unexpected” on the good ole Netflix. Also, the soundtrack! Yummy. You can thank me later. Now enjoy these happy flowers on my mantel. It is spring y’all!



Running Recap: Week 4

What a week! I started the week in Florida and ended it exhausted in my house by the lake. My running this week was a bit lacking. The struggle is real when I am out of town. I ended up doing nothing on Monday and Tuesday and then trying to make up for it the rest of the week. But no worries, I am feeling completely renewed. Almost January 1 New Years resolution renewed. I know, shocking I hope it lasts.

Mon-rest, Tues-rest, Wed-3.0 fast (10:15 mile-which is ah.mazing for me), Thurs-3.5, Fri-10 mile bike, 15 min abs, Sat-6.5, Sun-4, 15 min abs

Total: run- 17, bike-10


I don’t Like it, I Love it

Can we talk about how much I love the song, “I don’t Like it, I Love it!”? Because I do. Get it Flo Rida, Robin Thicke, and Verdine White.

But what do I love even more than the actual song? This video. Sean Hayes you make me cry laugh. That little guitar. Kills me. Also, this gem below is pretty fantastic too. Both will put you in an awesome mood instantly. Promise.


Running Recap: Week 3

Another week donzo. Check and check. Super proud that I was able to maintain my schedule even on while on vacation. Get it girl, get it. Big goal this upcoming week is to increase my mileage, and break the 20 mile barrier. Happy running, happy friends.

Monday- 3, Tuesday-3.35, Wednesday-6, Thursday-rest, Friday-3.35 and 1.5 hrs. Yoga, Saturday-rest, Sunday- 3.35
TOTAL-19.5 miles