Welcome to my Queendom…of Happy. Yep, this is my little corner of the internet where I share with the world all things that make me happy. Hopefully it will make you happy too. Why “Queendom of Happy?” Crazy awesome name, right? It is simple, my boss nicknamed me the “Queen of Happy” at work, and I thought, “Sheesh, what an awesome name for a blog!” So, here we are.

This is actually my second soirée into the blog world. In 2010, I started a blog with 2 other friends titled, “Six feet, 26.6 miles.” We wrote about training for the Pittsburgh Marathon. It was epic, the marathon training, not the blog. However, I loved it (the blog, not the marathon training) and quickly took over the blog after we finished the marathon and renamed it “Two feet, many more miles.” After 3 years of random and sporadic posting I shut ‘er down. “Queen of Happy” is my reincarnation, 3 years later.

This queendom was developed as a place to capture and share amazingly happy things, sometimes I get so excited to share that I don’t reserve time to reread a post. Let this serve as my disclaimer, proof reading doesn’t make me happy.