Queendom, Running

Running Recap: Week 7 & 8

What have I been doing? Running. Have I been writing about it? Nope. But, that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Promise. I have crossed over to the 20+ miles a week range. It feels like more because the Mississippi Delta is hot. And humid. And pretty miserable. Daily I second guess myself, was this really a smart plan? Training for a marathon in the heat of a Mississippi summer? Nope, probably not. But, I am committed so here we go.

Week 7

5/4-6.5, 5/5-5, 5/6-Rest, 5/7-7, 5/8-Rest, 5/9-5, 5/10-4

Total: 27.5

Week 8

I had a bit of a set back a few aches and pains which caused me to cut back a bit this week. And the rain, oh the rain.

5/11-3.35, 5/12-4, 5/13-Rest, 5/14-10, 5/15-4, 5/16-Rest, 5/17-Rest

Total: 21.35


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