Running Recap: Week 5 & 6


Eccck. How did I get so behind? Probably because I was out and about, eating crawfish, taking in amazing bluegrass music festivals, and eating some killer peanut butter pie. But, don’t you worry I am still running, as fast as my little legs will carry me, because it is real now. I got in, I paid my money. I am running the Chicago Marathon in 6 months. It sounds far away some days and other days it sounds like tomorrow.

P.S. Complete sidenote– Aren’t my puppies the cutest most intense dogs ever? That one floppy ear gets me every time. Every. Time.


Week 5

4/20-4, 4/21-3.35, 4/22-6, 4/23-Rest, 4/24-6, 4/25-3+Yoga, 4/26-Rest

Total 22.35 miles

Week 6

4/27-8, 4/28-2, 4/29-4, 4/30-6, 5/1-Rest, 5/2-Rest, 5/3-4

Total 24 miles


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