Running Recap: Week 2


Another week of marathon training under the big belt. I completed an 8 miler this week and whoa. I have not done that in a while. I was left slightly exhausted. The next two weeks are going to be a little bit tricky because I will be at the beach. Well, the beach part won’t be hard, but the no running buddies will be. Because for some reason if I don’t have someone running with me I can.not.find.motivation. Alright, time to hop on the bike! #takethatmotivation

Week 2: Monday 3/30- 3 miles; Tuesday 3/31- 3.35 miles; Wednesday 4/1-3.35 miles; Thursday 4/2- REST; Friday 4/3- 8 miles; Saturday 4/4- 1.5 hour yoga (yum, I will talk more about my new found love for yoga later this week); Sunday 4/5- 3 miles

TOTAL: 20.7 miles and some mad stretching aka yoga!


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