Whoa, there 2015.

Just stop, just stop. Can you believe it is almost March? Wowzer. How did that happen? I have so much to share about all the super fun things that have happened in 2015, and before I can get them down, it seems like another month passes by. In an effort to not totally miss out on this year, here are some super fun things I have been up to, and I hope to talk about them more in depth later in life, hopefully before Christmas of 2015.

1. Home Concert–it was pretty magical!

2. A super amazing trip in NOLA for Mardi Gras. Can I say, New Orleans is my favoritist city? Ok, said.

3. Closed out the soccer season. Best season yet!

4. I found out about glitter bombs! What, so fun!

5. The food, the food! Yums.

Now that you are on the edge of your seat, don’t fall off while you are waiting for me to write again. Think of it as an awesome ab workout. Ha!


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