On the Night Stand

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I love to read, however I don’t always dedicate time to it. In an effort to hold myself more accountable, I am sharing with the world what I am reading in hopes that I will actually make it to the last page in a timely fashion.

Books currently on the night stand: 

On the Edge, by Alison Levine

A book about leadership my mom gave me for Christmas. I am only a couple chapters in and holy moly. Alison is a bad ass. The book follows her adventures in climbing the biggest peaks in the world and how those experiences have translated to her understanding of everyday leadership. She makes me want to grab my running shoes, jump in the pool, and start cycling all at the same time, oh, and then lead something.

Yes, Please, by Amy Poehler

I am only half way through this book and I am still in the air about it. I was expecting some super funny stuff and instead it is a lot of real talk. Which is good and all, but when you are known for being a funny lady, the expectation is that your book should be funny. Right?

Harry Potter (Book 7), by J.K. Rowling

Mostly, because Harry Potter should always be on the night stand. I read the 4th book for the 5th or 10th time over Thanksgiving (it is hard to keep track) and after I finished the book I felt the need to read another book in the series and the only one I had at the house was the 7th book. Golly, I love that wizarding world. I wish I was a wizard. For reals.

What are you reading my happy souls?


Queen of Happy


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