New year, new start

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You can’t start a blog at the first of year and not talk about resolutions. Am I right? I find it kind of funny that for some reason January 1 is the universal day of starting fresh. I mean why can’t we start fresh every day?

My new year resolution? Start every day as a new day, and then hopefully document it, that is mostly in hopes of making this little blog successful. I might also try and eat better, but that is always a constant battle. You win some, you lose some.

It is hard to be happy all the time, but I think it is great to aspire to trying to be happy everyday. It is important to remember the small stuff and the joy the small stuff can bring. I hope during this time in our lives we can remember there is so much to be happy about, and that there are great people in our communities working hard to make our lives better. Let’s not forget those heroes even as the media bogs us down by spotlighting negative stories.

Whose with me in making 2015 the happiest year yet?


Queen of Happy


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