The Queen of this Happy Place

Hello, my name is MacKenzie and I am the Queen of Happy.

I live in the happiest place on earth (no, not Disneyland), Mississippi. Ok, you caught me, Mississippi isn’t usually called the happiest place on earth, but it has been called the “most southern place on earth.” That to me equals hospitality which equals happiness, so there you go. My happy place. Be prepared to read more about how awesome I think Mississippi is. I mean the food alone. Whoa.

The basics

I have lived in Mississippi for 7 years and I call it home. I have an awesome lake house, two fabulous dogs, and a super fun husband. I coach soccer, work in education, belong to a cookbook club, love travel, and spend my free time running around (literally, well, sometimes I bike and swim). I love glitter, Kid President, corn dogs, sweets (yum, ice cream!), blogs, puppies, family, and friends. Do any of these things make you happy? If so, let’s be friends.

What makes you happy? 


Queen of Happy


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